Cyberpop Gameplay Android & iOS 2022 HD


Cyberpop Gameplay Android & iOS 2022 HD

This metaverse game combines exploration, combat, and UGC into one.

Cyberpop New World takes a near-future society with highly developed digital and biological technology as the starting point of the gamer’s journey. We have abstracted the popular feature and visual aesthetics of cyberpunk as the foundation of this world.
So we call it Cyber Pop:this world is very cool,but not cold.

Gamers will enter a virtual body through the client in Cyberpop. They can combat, socialize ,explore and create in this real world.

It’s not just a CyberPop world, it’s also a real world.

The reason why this world is real lies in its meta game elements: the whole game is trying to break the fourth wall. For example, all NPCs in Cyberpop know the truth that the world they live is actually a video game; and they eager to get help from gamers who come from the higher-dimensional.

Therefore, gamers can completely retain their Identity of reality during the journey of gameplay, and moreover, become whoever they want in Cyberpop.

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